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Snow Dream Secrets [NC-17] JaeCin

Title:Snow Dream Secrets
Genre:smut moment?
Summary: What happened behind the scenes of the making of the Snow Dream mv~

Snow Dream Secrets

Disclaimer: I down own any SM artists nor their Snow Dream music video.

Author Notes: I wanted to create a JaeCin fic and so here it is. X3 Also this takes place during the making of Snow Dream.

It was a clashing heat, a vicious press of lips on lips as tongues fought for brief rights of exploration. Hands were alive, moving, crawling; scratching the skin they so desperately moved against in an attempt to chase the burning heat between the two. There was a pause only long enough to get in a gasp of air before bruised lips were attacked once more.


The voice was annoyingly close, but Heechul remained undeterred. It was only the second time he was called and Jaejoong pushed him breathlessly off of him that he paused to listen.

“Heechul- where’d you go?”

It was Donghae.

“ He’s looking for you.”

Jaejoong’s voice was a husky whisper, the words teasing him more than stating a fact. Though it was dark, Heechul knew the other man was still leaning helplessly against the tiled wall where he left him.

“ Let him look.”

One step closer brought him into Jaejoong’s personal space, his face only inches away from the other’s. His knee came to nudge the younger man’s legs apart, boldly rubbing against his already swollen crotch daringly.

“ And if he looks in here?”

Jaejoong’s voice was a warm breath against his cheek. Even when the area cooled something within him burned.

“ He won’t. No one will. Who looks in a broken bathroom?”

He didn’t let Jaejoong answer, his mouth sealing the singer’s own with a satisfying clash of teeth. He could feel the other man’s smirk against his lips, and resentfully bit at the offensive parts. He bit them, nipped them, licked them until he knew they were ripped and swollen.

In return vengeful hands ripped at his shirt to get to his chest; and once they reached it scratched and clawed their way up, leaving red marks in their wake. Heechul didn’t bother stopping the heated hiss that left his lips, nor did he stop the mischievous hand that made its way down his tender chest and into the tight confines of his pants.

“ Hey Shiwon have you seen Heechul?”

“ Sorry. I haven’t since an hour ago.”

Teeth marked viciously up a pale offered neck to stop the laughter coming breathily from the boy at his mercy. Jaejoong however was not one to simply take punishment, and dealt out his own, his hands coming to tangle dangerously in Heechul’s hair. The older man’s growl only served to amuse Jaejoong further, and it was only when Jaejoong found his own member wrapped in firm warmth that he let go.

Heechul had the other man pinned, his body the only reason Jaejoong was still standing. The younger man’s head pressed heavily against his shoulder, his eyes closed as Heechul expertly tugged at his arousal. In return his own hand moved to mimic Heechul’s, tugging and squeezing the other man in a slow tease that seemed to drive Heechul crazy.

“ Hey have you seen Heechul?”

“ Have you seen Jaejoong?”

“ He’s missing too?”

Heechul’s breath hitched, his hips jumping up slightly as a spark of pleasure hit him. He however could no longer ignore the swarm of voices, his ears picking up the stir of worry outside. He removed his hand from Jaejoong’s pants, softly ordering for the other man to stop.

“ Fuck no.”

Heechul felt his body go hot. Nimble fingers quickly undid the rest of his pants so that he was fully exposed to the air. Those same fingers wrapped around him and quickly tugged at his arousal. It was hot and dirty, crude and breathless but Jaejoong silently jerked him off, this time with Heechul against the cold tile wall. When he came it was only a quick loss of breath and the inability to focus on anything but the quick shot of pleasure in his groin. Jaejoong’s now sticky hand massaged his tender member, his lips coming to claim the same ones which had abused his not much earlier.

Heechul groaned into the kiss, his own hand searching for Jaejoong’s still open fly. He found what he wanted and quickly, messily returned the favor. Jaejoong panted wetly against his neck, his body limp against him. Jaejoong’s body shook, jerking almost violently as his orgasm ripped through him. After a moment Heechul had to let him slide to the floor, his body doing the same. They both lay panting against the cool wall, each trying to get the energy to speak. Heechul was first, lifting his sticky hand amusedly with a laugh.

“ Look Jae. Snow Dream.”

He heard Jaejoong snort. “ That’s sick man.”

They both shared a chuckle, and after a quick lapse Heechul forced himself back up.

“ Come on. We can’t stay in here much longer or it’ll cause a fuss.”

“ Yes hyung.” Jaejoong said the words sarcastically, but Heechul ignored him in favor of washing his hands and letting Jaejoong do the same. When he finished he turned to the other man.

“ I’ll leave first. You come out in five minutes.”

Though Heechul couldn’t really see it Jaejoong nodded. The vocalist grabbed the front of Heechul’s shirt, and tugged him forward for a firm, almost possessive kiss. Heechul allowed him the kiss, but pulled away first to make sure Jaejoong understood who was controlling who in this affair.

“ I’ll see you after we finish shooting for the video. Tell Yunho I’ll drive you home tonight.”

He didn’t wait for a reply as we walked out of the dark bathroom, quickly moving away so that when Donghae finally spotted him he was in front of the fake snow scene where they had last been shooting. Five minutes later Jaejoong did the same, getting as far as the stage lights before Changmin found and called him out.

Heechul shared a brief glance with him before both turned their attention elsewhere and the shoot went on without a hitch.

Yay! My first JaeCin! X3 This is my closet crack-pairing so I was happy to write it. Joy~
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