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jaexanyone's Journal

MCPs Only, ie. Many Crack Pairings
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This community is a haven for all people who like yaoi/shounen-ai crack pairings that involve Kim Jaejoong of Dong Bang Shin Ki. Fics, pic-spam, or just plain fangirling are welcome. MCPs stands for Many Crack Pairings, by the way. ^_^

Disclaimer: This community and its content in no way imply a negative attack on Kim Jaejoong's character. The Kim Jaejoong that exists in this community is a purely semi-original figment of the fans' imagination. Kim Jaejoong and all other real life artistes mentioned in this community belong to themselves and their management. In no way is any harm, real or imagined, intended on any of them. The community's maintainers will not be responsible for any physical, mental or emotional trauma claimed to be incurred from looking at this community's posts or the name itself.

1. If you don't like Jaexanyone, leave.

2. Crack is the main focus of this community, with other genres most welcome.

3. All stories, pictures and long fangirling rants are to be put behind a LJ-cut.

4. No bashing or flaming of any pairing or any members will be tolerated. It's fiction.

5. All outside sources are to be credited appropriately. You can't always depend on image watermarks, after all. Also, NO PLAGIARISM will be tolerated.

6. All material rated NC-17 and above MUST BE friends-locked.

7. Have fun ^____^