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Pairing: YunhoxJaejoongxChangmin
Rating: T
Title: Inspired

When Jaejoong isn't looking, Yunho will lean forward to catch a whiff of his silky blonde hair. He's never told him, but he loves the look of that icy coolness against the even whiter veneer of the back of his neck. Yunho can stare at his neck for hours, looking down to compose some lyrics, run a hand through his hair, look back up, and catalogue a running documentary of how the minsicule yellow hairs move back and forth.
On hot days, Yunho notices the sweat, damp and glistening as it snakes its' way down Jaejoong's curved back; he longs to run up to him and rip his shirt off, causing a melee in the process, popsicles strewing the floor, but he feels himself held by Changmin's quiet glare and the knowledge of what would truly happen if he did.
In the night, Yunho and Changmin make love. Quiet, empty humping of the sort that would make two peach pits in the desert jealous. Changmin doesn't even realize when he slips from his pretend fantasy world into a jealous haze of desire that has him stalking Yunho from his trips to the bathroom to the studio, his car to his home, his desk to a garbage can. When Yunho isn't there, he settles for obsessing over Jaejoong, from the way his sweater moves as he breathes in and out, to how his foot twitches when he hears a noise he doesn't particularly like, in hopes of feeling of togetherness with Yunho.

Before he knows it, he has fallen in love with Kim Jaejoong too.


Tags: jaeho, jaemin
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