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Continuing saga of Jae7en?

This is sort of in reply to the very interesting Jae7en post by zacia in the last entry. I was surfing around youtube when I encountered this clip. Apparently after Se7en's bout of ignorance towards Jae during Goose Dream, his Jae defense dropped immensely...

This clip may hide under the innocent guise of Jae-meets-shiny-mask but it's really...a display of lurve....

They start off by standing very close to each other, with Jae's back towards Se7en. Makes me curious as to what's transpired...

The announcer calls, and Se7en automatically reaches for Jae to follow.

Jae does...very willingly. Oh puppy syndrome...

They're very close together. And a distant Yunho's Jae-dar goes off...he senses something but Se7en's Yunho barrier is well constructed.

Perhaps feeling a bit defensive, Yunho assumes his man pose, to which Se7en answers with his own. Jae, poor puppy, is clueless.

But what's this? Jae turns and drifts away! You can't see it clearly here because the cam sort of cuts Se7en off however you can see a bit of Se7en turning to look for Jae.

Ahhh, yes, Jae temporarily forgets the world as he sees something shiny!!! A shiny mask! For him to wear! Yes, apparently he can leave anyone for this. Se7en pretends to not care.

But the pretention is short-lived. While they're leaving, Se7en turns just a bit to see if Jae's following. Yep, Jae got the message. Yunho, naive little thing, is busy waving to the fans.

In fact, Jae rushes to be the 2nd one to follow Se7en. Ahh, sweet budding love.

LOL okay some parts I'm sure I exaggerated but watching the two of them is really very fun. I hope for more Jae and Se7en interaction in the future.

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