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MCPs Only, ie. Many Crack Pairings

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Starlight, starbright, I wish I may, I wish I might [Tuesday
January 27th, 2009 @3:23pm]

[ mood | WTFWHY ]

Pairing: YunhoxJaejoongxChangmin
Rating: T
Title: Inspired

(the pitter-patter of a hand up his back)Collapse )
On hot days, Yunho notices the sweat, damp and glistening as it snakes its' way down Jaejoong's curved back; he longs to run up to him and rip his shirt off, causing a melee in the process, popsicles strewing the floor, but he feels himself held by Changmin's quiet glare and the knowledge of what would truly happen if he did.
In the night, Yunho and Changmin make love. Quiet, empty humping of the sort that would make two peach pits in the desert jealous. Changmin doesn't even realize when he slips from his pretend fantasy world into a jealous haze of desire that has him stalking Yunho from his trips to the bathroom to the studio, his car to his home, his desk to a garbage can. When Yunho isn't there, he settles for obsessing over Jaejoong, from the way his sweater moves as he breathes in and out, to how his foot twitches when he hears a noise he doesn't particularly like, in hopes of feeling of togetherness with Yunho.

Before he knows it, he has fallen in love with Kim Jaejoong too.
the pitter-patter of a hand up his backCollapse )</div>

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May 30th, 2007 @12:50pm]

With effect from today this comm is Friends-Only. Please join to view entries.

Also, for those of you whom have posted entries on the comm prior to this date, please go back and friends-lock them. Thank you. This applies to ALL entries.

This is in response to the recent upheaval on LJ regarding deletion of journals with questionable interests. For more info, go here.

As this is an urgent request, all posts that are not friends-locked currently will receive a comment on their entry to be friends-locked ASAP. If they are not locked by Sunday, 10th June 2007 and there has been no signs of activity by the user, the post will be deleted, with all attempts to archive content before deletion done.

Thank you, and apologies for the inconvenience! If you have any queries, feel free to contact me at belchan_ AT hotmail DOT com

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Continuing saga of Jae7en? [Tuesday
January 2nd, 2007 @4:55pm]

This is sort of in reply to the very interesting Jae7en post by zacia in the last entry. I was surfing around youtube when I encountered this clip. Apparently after Se7en's bout of ignorance towards Jae during Goose Dream, his Jae defense dropped immensely...

Click to find out...Collapse )
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Jaejoong/Shiwon: Letters to Heaven [Thursday
December 28th, 2006 @10:44pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Title: Letters To Heaven
Rating: PG
Fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki / Super Junior [ Real Person Slash ]
Pairing: Jaejoong/Shiwon is the main focus. Everyone's paired up though. ^^;
Summary: AU: When you come back, bring Auntie Changmin, Uncle Junsu, Uncle Eeteuk, Uncle Hyukjae and Appa Shiwon, okay? That’s a request from the whole Dong Bang Junior family.
Warning: Character death. mpreg

( Come back to me and appa soon, okay? I miss you a lot and so does appa. He doesn’t know it, but at night I know he cries to sleep thinking about you. )

x-posted :x

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Snow Dream Secrets [NC-17] JaeCin [Wednesday
December 27th, 2006 @3:49am]

Title:Snow Dream Secrets
Genre:smut moment?
Summary: What happened behind the scenes of the making of the Snow Dream mv~

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MOD POST - BEHOLD THE CRACK (that has yet to come) [Monday
December 11th, 2006 @4:17pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

Hi! This is your friendly mod, bel_chan popping in to welcome all of you [and on behalf of sheuzheiproih too]. Layout courtesy of thisistony.

Anyway, this is a place for Jae-related crack pairings. All nonsensical crack pairings are welcome, as long as they contain Kim Jaejoong of DBSK. DBSK pairings are welcome too, or threesomes like YunJaeKi or YunJaeShik.

No flaming. If you don't like crack pairings, this isn't the comm for you. Neither will intentional bashing of other crack pairings be tolerated. That is the only rule I will enforce strictly.

All fanfiction, fanart, icons/banners are welcome. Icons/Banners that promote this community are very, very, very much welcome too XD. And affiliates are most welcome! E-mail the mods or comment to this post ^_^.

Do have fun and stay active! ^__^ If you have any questions, you can contact the mods at jaexanyone@gmail.com

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